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All steel radial tire


Section 1 basic structure of all steel radial tire
I. definition of all steel radial truck tyres:
Steel cord tire bead two between the tread center line into 90 degrees arranged on the carcass by small angle steel cord several adjacent high-strength annular cross, basically not done belt tightening air and tires, truck tires used in assembly.
All steel radial truck tyres have two inner tubes and no inner tubes.
Tube: 9.00R20, 12.00R20, such as a tire, tyre, cushion belt
Tubeless tyre, such as: 11R22.5 285/80R22.5 only
Two. The section of the steel radial tire and the name of each part:
All steel radial tire with inner tube and tubeless tyre has two forms, all steel radial tire in tire, also equipped with inner tube and cushion belt, tubeless TBR tire does not require loading tube and cushion belt directly and rim assembly, both in area and inner layer of tyre bead structure is different, the other part of the same.
Cross sectional drawings of radial tires and specific locations of each part are shown in drawings. (inner tube, tubeless)

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